30 Nov, 2021

Are you a SaaS startup looking to scale up to the next level… Or an academician looking to explore and become an expert of the SaaS domain..??

AIC-Prestige in association with Microsoft for Startups & Headstart Network Foundation invites you for the ‘SaaStart Pre-Incubation Training Program’.
This 6-Week Program Focuses On Developing An Understanding Of All Major Areas, Which Makes or Breaks The SaaS Journey, Viz :
->Introduction to key SaaS metrics
->Lean Model Canvas
->Make your LMC
->How to conduct Customer Interview?
->Introduction to NoCode tools
->Building Your MVP
->Design your Brand
->Build your Viability Model
->Revenue Model
->Legal Compliances
And Other Related Aspects
Learn from the experts of the SaaS ecosystem about the potential of SaaS, how to handle the challenges that comes across & what is the right mix of strategies to learn, expand and grow.
The training program will start from 07th Dec 2021.
Application Closes On : 30th Nov 2021

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